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Creating a Bespoke Home CinemaCreating a Bespoke Home Cinema

Bespoke Home Cinema

With on-demand streaming services and HD technology, the silver screen has moved into modern homes with many homeowners creating dedicated cinema rooms for movie nights with friends. But a good quality home cinema setup goes beyond the screen and sound system. The room design, furniture and decor are all important factors in creating a bespoke cinema.Check this out:

When choosing the seating for your home cinema, you can go traditional with theatre-style seats set in rows to recreate nights out at the movies or opt for individual reclining chairs for a more relaxed feel. Either way, there are a variety of options that will allow you to express your personal style and add functionality like cup holders, headrest speakers and footrests.

Tailored to Perfection: Creating Your Dream Home Theater with Bespoke Design

For a more immersive experience, an integrated lighting system can be used to select different modes for reading, chilling and of course, cinema. This can also incorporate decorative features such as fibre optics that create a starfield pattern on the ceiling to enhance the room’s atmosphere.

When choosing a projector for your home cinema, the colour of the room and its furnishings are also important factors to consider. Light colours tend to be a popular choice in modern interior design but when you are viewing a film, this can cause glare on the screen which will significantly reduce picture quality. Dark or neutral-coloured paint or wallpaper will minimise this problem. Similarly, a gloss finish can reflect too much light which may interfere with the image on screen. A matte or flat finish is best for this.